So turns out my boyfriend's been gone for around two weeks and will be coming back in three weeks.

Oh no. The pain. I can feel my heart painfully swelling in his absence. God why. Why have you taken my sweetie from me. Oh how it hurts.


Ok, I do miss my boyfriend and will be unbelievably happy when he comes back but, really, life could be worse. Which leads me to think that "huh, maybe I should be more lovesick" since last night makes two dreams in which I cheat on my boyfriend and in the dream it's no big deal because HE'S AWAY.

Wrong thing is, I DO think it's a pretty big deal to cheat on him even when he's away.

What would Freud say?

"It seems like this dream is a manifestation of a repressed desire to, indeed, cheat on the aforementioned boyfriend."

Fuck you, Freud.

I don't like anyone besides my boyfriend at the moment anyway. Who would I cheat with anyway? My guy friends? I'd rather eat Mondongo.

Now I'm wondering whether it's some sort of intuition telling me that HE'S cheating on me.


That train of thought is gone now

I like complementary colors
Stepdad's birthday today. I have homework to finish/start. BLARGH. I also bring art very quick sketches with COLOR (cOloorrr effin' coloooorrrr).

Haha. Faces.Collapse )



The Unwanted
I think that it's been around forever since I last posted in LJ. xD

God, I somehow knew this wasn't going to work that well and yet I'm back to haunt you after only two fricken' entries. Very commited Arhena dear.Very committed. Dx

But I didn't post this to rant about my lameness though xD.

So, my friend made this kickass writing community which you should totally check out. =3
Follow the link. Please and thank you. =D

The Unwanted

You'll get hugs and kisses and cookies for joining =3 (and you'll get to throw a pie at my face).

Much love. =D

Densha Otoko is love
So... I was doing some not very productive research on modern subcultures.... and while I was checking out the "otaku" section I stumbled across Densha Otoko (Trainman), a movie that was based on a true story.
Such was its success, that a novel, television series and some manga volumes have been made out of it.

Fake cut to a small summary of the story and why you should check it out. Clicky here!Collapse )

If you're an otaku, or you hang around in chat rooms, or you've conversed in forums, or you simply are looking for something good... Go check it out!

I highly recommend it!

On other news... volleyball practice was cancelled today. That kinds sucks 'cuz everyone was all ready for practice and I like volleyball! But then I didn't sleep much yesterday and I was so tired...
Avatar isn't mine.

Anyway... go check out Densha Otoko! Or die! >>
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I stole this from tangerinefox... why, 'cuz I need something to pass time, that's why.

Flower: Sunflower
Drink: Moccha Frappuccino
Song: Hello, Imaginary and Haunted by Evanescence
Color: Midnight blue and black
Sport: Karate and volleyball
Store: Hot Topic and Borders
Music: Rock, country, pop, dance, jrock, stuff...
Food: Ajiaco!!
Season: Fall
Day: Saturday

Born: October 17th
Height: 5’5
Hair color: Black or really dark brown
Eye color: Dark browon
Skin color: Tan
Mood: Bitter and tired
Residence: Apartment
Sex: Female
Education level: Sophomore year in high school.
Sign: Libra

Do you believe in love?: Yes.
Have you ever been heart broken?: No.
Have you ever broken someones heart?: I... don't know.
Have you ever told someone I love you?: Yes.
Have you ever fallen for your best friend?: No.
Are you afraid of commitment?: No.
Does anyone love you (romantically)?: No.

Love or lust: Love.
Hard liquor or beer?: Neither.
Hook-ups or relationships?: Relationships.
T.V. or internet: Internet.
Pepsi or Coke?: Pepsi.
Wild night out or romantic night in?: How about a romantic night OUT?
Saturday or Sunday?: Saturday
Colored Or Black & White?: Depends.
Phone or in person?: In person.
Chocolate or vanilla?: Chocolate.

Have you ever been caught sneaking out?: Never did that.
Have you ever skinny dipped?: What? No!
Have you ever done something you regret?: Yes.
Have you ever bungee jumped?: Nope.
Have you ever been on a house boat?: Yeah.
Have you ever finished an entire jaw breaker?: No.
Have you ever wanted someone so badly it hurt?: No.
Have you ever stayed up all night 'til the sun came up?: Yeah... don't do that kids, unless you don't have school the next day. ><
Have you ever been caught by your parents with a hickey?: No.
Ever been caught by your parents doing anything more than making out?: No.

Are you missing someone right now?: You have no idea.
Are you happy?: Yeah.
Are you German?: I have decency from my father's side... I think.
Are you Indian?: Nope.
Are you Irish?: I dunno, doubt it.
Are you Italian?: No.
Are you Polish?: Who knows.
Are you Hispanic?: Yes I am! x3
Are you of any direct African decent?: Not direct.
Are you Asian?: Nope
Are your parents still married?: Nope.

Hey, hey, post this!


Your Fullmetal Alchemist man by blackdragon2101
favorite color
your man
how much he will love you: 84%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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I can't hold my fangirlyness any longer!!! Weeee!!!
I just saw the FMA chapter 61 RAW and I can't keep myself from jumping up and down. C'mon ZOMGFTA give us some scanlations!!! ><

Though it's not my favorite chapter so far even though it does seem to have some serious story plot things going on. But the ROYAINESS of it all is driving me NUTSS!!

Blankies! x3
I bought a blanket at Hot Topic of FMA yesterday. When I saw it I was holding my fangirly "squees" 'cuz it has Ed on it. x3 I also saw some wristbands and keyholders of FMA, not to mention the Colonel's gloves! But I didn't buy them. I'd be broke.

So I've been sleeping with Edward Elric for the past hours. ^_^
Wait, that doesn't sound right.... let's try that again... I've been covering myself up with and Edward Elric blanket these past hours. It doesn't sound right either. Dx

**kills self**

Anyway, I sorta liked the store. The black stuff and everything didn't bother me. I liked some of the clothing and the anime stuff. It was fun going in there, and the people were nice ^^. I was literally going nuts to get into a Hot Topic store for a while now, and now I figured they're selling anime merchandise, I'm thrilled. x3 Though I doubt I'll be going a lot there. Oh well whatever.

My cousins will be leaving tomorrow (or in some hours maybe). *sighs* It was nice having them here. Doubt we will see each other in a while. Weeks, months, yeah, maybe some years. Dx

Whatever, I'm gonna get scolded 'cuz I'm not in bed. Put up some Royai fanarts in my Gallery.

Mother's Day!!!
Yay! Mother's day!
A day in which we all acknowledge the wonderful creature that gave birth to us and who has been watching over us like a guardian angel ever since we were concieved and grew consistently inside the womb. And even after she had to putting up with holding us for 9 months straight every day every week, she still held us after we came to the world.
That was my short korny lecture of the day... (boos on the background)
Anyway, ahem,... to every good mother in the world, Happy Mothers Day! ><
(Sorry.. needed something to celebrate about)


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